Monday, June 21, 2010

MUST #10 and #11

MUST #10 and #11 Going To Print Soon!

The Sphere Collective's little microzine "MUST" is back in town and she's looking for some love. For those of you who aren't familiar, MUST is a pocket sized microzine with a genre-clectic mix of content from diverse contributors. Literally THOUSANDS of these zines have gone out all around the world- from across the US to Russia to Europe to Africa. Yes, people in Russia read MUST. And so can you. Just send an address to Lynn Alexander at
Distribution partners welcome. Submit your short microfiction, poetry, images, genre-bending pieces as soon as possible because MUST 10 and 11 will be out by July.

Note that we have information on the MUST blog about volunteering to edit on a per issue basis, if interested check out the MUST blog, top tabs.


  1. Sleep? What is this thing called sleep?

  2. I submitted to Must a couple of days ago, but I am wondering now if there was a theme I should have addressed.

    Sal Buttaci