Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lastest Distro Partner: erbacce

A heartfelt thanks to Andrew Taylor and the good folks at erbacce, who will help us in our mission to stuff MUSTs wherever we can get them stuffed. If you aren't familiar with erbacce, make it your business to set aside a few and go check them out. Andrew is a long time supporter of independent presses and he understands the desire to keep one's printed lovelies as autonomous and free-wheeling as possible. He gets the spirit of MUST, what we are about and why we cling to the DIY ethos. When you check out the website, you will find erbacce press to be kindred in this way, allies in nurturing communities of words. Even the word "erbacce", as they explain refers to an Italian word for "weeds", is something many of us can relate to as a metaphor. We know that MUST is a modest, gritty publication being pushed in neighborhoods that covet pristine lawns. But what about a pristine lawn feels natural? Weeds are an expression of nature asserting herself, her wild dominion. We're all just trying to survive without the corporate fertilizers.


  1. What do I need to do to be a distro partner? I have plenty of people on my mailing list but not a lot of scratch. If you'd like I'll hurt someone for moohlah or such...


  2. A Distro/ Supporting partner can do all kinds of things. Spread the word, share calls for submissions, tuck the zines into mailings, bring them to distribution venues, things like that. A partner is just a way of saying you will help spread the germs when you shake hands.

    In the past, people also did the toughest part- folding! I make hundreds of these things and believe me, after a while it gets hard to fold them. You can put on music and take breaks and drink coffee and chat with Nobius Black but still, it is a time consuming task. Even with pleasant diversion.