Monday, June 21, 2010

About Issue Editors

MUST has always been a collaborative, community publication to the extent possible- given the challenges of such editing models. While the content has been collaborative, somebody has to respond to and collect submissions and prepare content for the issues.

Lynn Alexander edits most issues of MUST by default in addition to laying them out, producing, and printing them. That said...

Because we prefer a collaborative, non-hierarchical creative approach, we would be happy to have "issue editors" who would be willing to seek out content and develop an issue of MUST on a per issue basis.

Interested editors should get in touch to sign onto an issue number and be added as a contributor to this blog, where editors can post specifics about their issue including contact information.

Once you commit to an issue, your information will be added here. You will have all the time and flexibility you need to put together content for an issue and no production skills are necessary to volunteer. If you are familiar with the production and design aspects, that is fine too but we do not expect the issue editors to actually create the printed issues. If you have not seen a printed version, please request one so you are familiar with the microzine format before soliciting submisions.

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